What would you do to save your family?

Much has changed since the film was completed in 2010. After a two year legal battle, Adama's mother was also allowed to stay in the country. And through an incredible stroke of fortune, pro-bono lawyers were able to secure an early return to the United States for Adama's father. He returned to the US in June 2011, after being removed from his wife and young children for more than six years. With Adama's father back in the house, Adama has been able to complete her high school degree, and is now close to obtaining her bachelor's degree. Adama is also married, with two young beautiful children! Her sister Mariama is enrolled in college too, and working part-time. Mohammed is still living in Maryland, where he works as a contractor, but comes back to New York regularly to tease Abdoul, who is in his first year of college, commuting from Harlem to Brooklyn. Adama's mother is also working part-time, and Adama's father is driving a cab, and saving up money to re-open his trinket shop. And as for Saydu, the youngest, he is now in 6th grade, and getting straight A's.


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